Another BIG Shout-out!

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    It’s been said here before, but MAJOR KUDOS to Cabin Fever Sports in Victoria – and specifically Mitchell in the Archery Dept!

    I’m not a bow hunter and I know very little about archery. But a few years ago my son was gifted a very nice youth bow and we’ve been waiting until he’s big enough to handle it. So yesterday I took him to Cabin Fever to assess his draw length and to ensure the bow was in tune. Despite being very busy with bow hunters getting ready for their seasons, Mitchell took his time with us, replaced the string on the drop-away rest, and basically gave my son his undivided attention and some beginners instruction on the range. Within 30 minutes and a few sight and poundage adjustments, my son was putting consistent groupings in the center. Only at 10 yds for now, but considering he’s never shot a real compound bow before, it was really amazing! My boy is on cloud 9 and he can’t wait to shoot some more. On top of all that, it only cost me $20 for the tune-up and range time. I’ve been a lifetime patron at Cabin Fever and this is exactly why. Over-the-top service and unintimidating expertise for anyone who walks in the door. And now I just might buy a bow from them and learn along with him. cool

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    Gregg Gunter
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    Awesome that your boy is pumped up! He’s a customer for life. Now you know what to get him for Christmas!

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    Nice job dad ! Just a little advice, as he gets better, have him shoot at different spots, or you’ll be buying nocks and even arrows.

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    That’s a great hobby for the kid, even better for the kid and dad to do together. I bought my son a bow a few months back and we shoot at least 4 arrows each every day off the deck.
    As for busyness, it’s crazy how everyone waits to the last week to bust the bows back out. I got off work at 3 ran hone and ate and now heading back in. Full draw was the busiest I have ever seen it. Many were trucks I’ve never seen before.

    I posted a wanting to buy in the classifieds and was able to pick up a nice package last season for 400 bucks. Saves lots of money that way, might be a option for you as well.

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    They are the best at Cabin Fever. Planning on bringing my nephews out there in a month or two to get them setup. I’d also second Bearcat’s recommendation, but would add that I’m pretty sure Cabin Fever takes trade in’s, so you can get into a new to you bow for a more reasonable price from them too. And bow technology has gotten so good even an “older” bow is plenty fast.

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    $20 bucks is a good deal. When I called there last spring Jeff told me 15-20 bucks. When I went he wasnt there and guy charged me $85 to adjust draw length and add a D-loop to kids new bow. First time I have ever had an issue there. Have 2 more to get set up and honestly thinking about going to Scheels.

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    Wow that is great service and cheap too. Good clean fun for your kid.

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