Wiring Diagram for 2002 2025 Pro V

  • jcarollo
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    Does anyone know where I can find the wiring diagram for a 2002 2025 Pro V? I think the last owner changed a few things and I would like to replace the fuse box and panel switches but want to return everything to its orignal deisgn.

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    Why change it back if it’s done well? Or just change the switches and fuse block and keep the wire if it’s heavy enough . Honestly all older boats were wired for 4 inch tall graphs , and now people are running dual 10-12 inch screens don’t have a big enough gauge of wire running from the fuse block to the battery . I redid mine with 8 or 10 gauge wire . Don’t regret it a minute .

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    I did the same. I direct wired my console graph with 10 gauge wire with a fuse directly to cranking battery and my bow graph with a stand-alone battery under the bow that powers the graph and my active target. Its just that all the other accessories like my bilge and nav lights go in and out sometimes due to the connections and I was thinking of replacing the fuse block since there is a little corrosion and thinking a new block might solve the problem.

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