2023 Lund paint job

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    My 2023 ADVENTURE SPORT 1775’s paint job was never clear coated. Tied my boat to a dock and the bumpers that I used wore through the paint. I talked to the dealer, they talked to Lund isn’t going to do anything about it. My son is a painter in St. Cloud and does a lot of boat touch up and is very familiar with Lund’s PPG 1 part paint witch means no clear.
    Has anybody else had issues with there paint

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    Well that sucks and is unfortunate to hear. How long was it tied up at the dock with bumpers?

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    none to speak of on 2018 impact. I’ve toured the Lund facility when they ofered me a job in 2021, I could have sworn they were using a 2k spray system but it could be model-specific.

    I have mine wrapped in 3m pro series above the water line and it still shines like brand new. If you find an autobody shop who will do a boat, it’s really nice to have.

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    Good advice but my son is going to repaint and clear it for me. It was tied up about 4 hours on Saturday of the opener from morning fish to afternoon fishing.

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    That thing would be parked right at the front door of my dealer until it was fixed properly.

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    There is no Tin boat I know of that uses a two part paint system.

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    What kind of bumpers do you use? I’ve done the same thing and never had any problems with my Pro V. I always snug it up tight so the bumpers doesn’t slam into the dock or the boat!

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    Mine either 2019 Impact
    I have a spot of dock rash but that was even with 8 bumpers down the side and the weather got REALLY nasty. The rest still looks great. Gets a water spot cleaner wipedown before I leave the lake every time along with a spray on wax about every 4th time.
    Looks great

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    The bumpers are the round ones but they’re attached to the dock. It was at a seasonal site.

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    Pictures please?

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    I painted cars for about 45 years, a gallon of clear was less than $14 a gallon when I started early 70s. Now it’s probably around $500 with additives. I could see them minimizing the paint process. But if they use a single stage urethane, it’s as durable as clearcoat. But it shows scratches more and doesn’t allow a surface to sand and buff out blemishes. The few aluminum boats I repaired paint on. The factory paint is so thin, the aluminum shows thru the paint.

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    It’s not just Lund it’s most aluminum boats. The paint on my Kingfisher is terrible. Even bumping the rubber on the docks lightly will scratch it.

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    here are some pictures

    1. IMG_2870-2-scaled.jpg

    2. IMG_2868-scaled.jpg

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    Looks similar to my 2019 1775 Impact after two weeks being tied up to a dock in Canada the year I bought it. My fenders were tied up to the boat, hanging but rubbing against the hull in wave action. Used rubbing compound to try to buff them out a bit when we got home, then several coats of wax. The areas are still visible, but not as bad as they initially were.

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