Bourbon & Tennessee Whiskey

  • KP
    Hudson, WI
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    I just picked up a bottle of Vikre’s Sugarbush Whiskey. I had once a while ago and liked the bit of maple flavor in it. Was limited to 1 bottler per purchase so must be popular?

    Brian Klawitter
    Minnesota/Wisconsin Mississippi River
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    Last winter I watched a house boat slipped next to me while the owner, “Dave” at 86 years, spent the winter in AZ. Once he came back, he handed me a bottle of Basil Haden TOAST. Something I’ve never tried before. I told him when I get back, we’ll crack it together.

    Throughout the year, when Dave was looking for someone to talk to and perhaps have a sip with, he would leave his upstairs light on. Over the last 4 years, I’ve made many a trip to his houseboat.

    The Sunday before I was leaving on my cruise down the river for 3 weeks, I stopped in to see him and to find out if he would give be a ride back to the boat on Wednesday after I dropped off my truck. No problem and he made me one of his famous bloody mary’s before I left.

    Wednesday came and no Dave. Totally unlike him. I went over to his boat and the doors were unlock, which made sense because his car was still there. Then I noticed his hat and cap still on the table. Because of skin cancer, he never goes outside without his sun protection. I started to worry that he might have fallen off the back end of his boat…but put that out of my mind and kept calling his name as I walked through his pride and joy, the 80 some foot house boat.

    Then I went to his bed room. Still in his PJ’s, motionless and cold to the touch.

    My bottle of Toast is still in the cabinet, seal intact.

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    John Rasmussen
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    My bottle of Toast is still in the cabinet, seal intact.

    That’s tough BK, sorry for your loss sir. I certainly don’t know you friend, but a friend would most likely want you to open that bottle when it feels right and enjoy it thinking about him and the good times had together.

    P.S. it’s a pretty tasty poor by the way.

    Michael C. Winther
    Reedsburg, WI
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    that’s a rough one, BK, thanks for sharing.

    although i’d probably sign up for it if i could pass on while living on the river laying in my pj’s in my pride and joy houseboat. i agree, drink the bourbon and offer a toast to a life well lived.

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