Bourbon & Tennessee Whiskey

  • buckybadger
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    I’ve long been a whiskey fan, more specifically bourbons and specific Tennessee whiskeys. I’m always looking for new stuff to try. What are some of the affordable IDO favorites?

    I have recently been drinking Maker’s Mark, Cody’s Road, and just opened a bottle of Redemption. If I’m mixing with a little water, 7, or Cola…I generally stick to Jack Daniels.

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    I’v been drinking 1792 bourbon. Very smooth. Not to spendy. It’s available at Total Wine.
    Knob Creek is also good.

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    Bulleit bourbon is good too

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    I really like the High West stuff. Try the redemption rye (even though it’s not bourbon).

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    I too am a Knob Creek guy but the Costco Bourbon is great as well. Put them side by side and it is almost impossible to tell the difference and it is about 1/2 the cost.

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    Uncle Nearest!
    In a glass with 1 cube.

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    George Dickel twelve year old is a dang good one,it is a sour mash whisky that goes down smooth,just ask eelpoutguy if you dont believe me lol.

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    They are quite a few good ones under the $40 price point.

    I liked the ones below and would buy any of them again. I like to experiment with different brands so I have a lot of partially filled bottles in the liquor cabinet. toast

    Colonel E.H. Taylor Small Batch 750 ML $40

    Old Forester 1870 Original Batch 750 ML $40

    High West 750 ML $35

    Yellowstone Select 750 ML $35

    Knob Creek 750 ML $25

    Bulleit 750 ML $20

    Markers Mark 750 ML $20

    Johnie Birkel
    South metro
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    I’m a big fan of this for a reasonable priced sipper. Total wine has the 1.75. I guess it is time to restock.
    I do like to dabble with the Bullet Rye in an old fashion or other mixed drink.

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    Trent W
    Chatfield, MN
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    Evan Williams single barrel
    Buffalo Trace
    Elijah Craig
    Knob Creek
    Kirkland Bourbon
    Four Roses Single Barrel

    The first five can all be had for under $30. Four Roses around 40, but it’s worth it.

    Farmington, Outing
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    Dickel LOL – yup smooth, just make sure your socks have a garter belt.

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    I’m the high falootin type so I stick with Evan Williams, in the 1.75 of course. woot

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    Fan of Jim Beam here. Not one mention above? I better try some others mentioned to see what I’m missing.

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    Has costco tinkered with theirs? I had it a few years ago when I first saw it and it tasted like gasoline.

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    Well it could be me but when I tasted it along side the Knob Creek it was really close. I think Knob creek is aged longer, I think Costco was 7 years but to me it was really close.

    Rush City MN
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    X2 on Jim Beam. Have tried some of the others mentioned and they are good but I always come back to JB. Everyone’s tastes are different.

    What ever your choice, enjoy responsibly.

    Randy Wieland
    Lebanon. WI
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    For the little I drink, I’ve become a fan of Blaum Bros. and a couple other small local distilleries.

    Ryan P
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    I have a love hate relationship with Jack Daniels…I love it but my stomach doesn’t. Lately I’ve been experimenting in the world of homebrew instead. Seeing some of these other options though makes me tempted to stock up the liquor cabinet.

    Coon Rapids, MN
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    If you haven’t tasted the Jim Beam Black, do it. I like it far better than regular Beam. So much so that either it or Bulleit are my daily go to brands.

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    Basil Hayden’s
    It’s way out of my price range but Jefferson Ocean is really cool. They load the barrels onto container ships and they sail it around the world. There are different voyages/batches, and each one takes a different route. You can see all the ports the whiskey has been in. I don’t know if the ocean changes anything in the bourbon, but it is really delicious.

    Farmington, MN
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    Bulleit bourbon is good too

    Bulleit is very good for the cost. There is other that I like but I keep going back to Bulleit. I also enjoy hanging out with the Jefferson when I can afford their company.

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    Gentleman Jack, Woodford Reserve, or some Scottish Whiskey for me.

    St. Paul, MN
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    +1 on Basil Haydens. Great whiskey.


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    Some of my favorites in no particular order.

    Basil Hayden,
    George Dickel,
    Four Roses Single Barrel,
    Woodford special releases but I rarely see them here.

    If we can include Alabama, Clyde Maye’s cask strength is great. Their regular Alabama style whiskey is good too.

    Costco or Bulleit seem pretty similar to me and I’m not really a fan of either.
    Jefferson Ocean was too dry for me. Closer to a scotch. I’m not a scotch fan so I stay away from that. I couldn’t even finish the bottle and ended up using it in recipes, smoked bourbon brisket!
    The Jefferson Reserve was ok though.

    Makers Mark 46 was to sweet for me to the point that I haven’t even bothered with the regular Makers Mark. Maybe I should revisit them again though.

    I also need to revisit Knob Creek and Elijah Craig. Haven’t tried them in a long time.

    StillwaterMN/Ottertail county
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    Anything with JACK in the name…gentlemen, Daniels, I am not real fussy, just don’t put that sweet crap in it like apple flavoring.

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    I’m a huge fan of Angels Envy. A little more spendy, but Total Wine sometimes puts it on sale.

    Here’s my list, pending how much cash I have when I walk into the liquor store.

    1. Angels Envy
    2. Woodford Reserve
    3. Jack Daniels

    Michael C. Winther
    Reedsburg, WI
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    you don’t have to pay a lot for really good bourbon:
    Buffalo Trace
    New Holland Beer Barrel
    Woodford Reserve Double-Oaked

    but if you want to, that can be a lot of fun too:
    Eagle Rare
    Blanton’s Gold
    Knob Creek 2001

    last week we spent a few hours for dinner/drinks/tour of a nearby distillery, Driftless Glen. very good time and they let us take part in each step of the process including filling a barrel, tapping a barrel to test it, hand bottling, labeling, etc., fun!

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    Jake D
    Watertown, SD
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    Having a cabin in Osakis I could be a little biased. Panther Distillery has some really good whiskeys going. Pike street Bourbon is my favorite, but they all are good.

    Mahtomedi, MN
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    My favorite bourbon is Blanton’s, but I don’t have Skeeter money so I don’t buy that all the time.

    My favorite ‘affordable’ bourbon is definitely:

    Evan Williams Single Barrel

    You can find it for like $25 and it’s really really good. Seriously, try it out.

    Cloquet, MN
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    If you haven’t tasted the Jim Beam Black, do it. I like it far better than regular Beam. So much so that either it or Bulleit are my daily go to brands.

    Beam Black is my go to also. Enjoy it better than Jack Black for either on the rocks or mixed. I’m originally a Sconnie guy, and used to partake in the my share of Korbel old fashoined’s. Way better with BB and sour instead of 7up. I still get an occasional raised eyebrow when I ask for this in some of the smaller local taverns when we are over at my in-laws near Hurley. Like your SUPPOSED to only have old fashion’s made with brandy in Wisco LOL toast

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