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What It's Like to Run a Fishing Lodge

  • Tony Capecchi
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    I’m always interested in the behind-the-scenes aspect of running a Canadian fishing lodge, especially a fly-in with all the logistics involved.

    This is a cool story from Aikens Lake Wilderness Lodge on how they host a group of family & friends each year for a special volunteer week to prepare the lodge for the upcoming season.

    1. May-2017-149.jpg

    2. May-2017-184.jpg

    3. May-2017-183.jpg

    4. molly-week-1.jpg

    cottage grove, mn
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    Friends dad retired from the military and bought a resort by Fergus Falls. I think had it 3 or 4 years and said he never worked so hard in his life.

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    One of good friends had a resort for 10 years. He said he had 2 great days the day he bought and the day he sold it. Way more work than he anticipated. He hardly fished or hunted while owning. No time

    Tony Capecchi
    Posts: 86

    A funny, and interesting, quote. I’ve heard the same thing said about boats – especially I think larger/fancier boats that run on a combination of gas and money …

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