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Anybody have a jonboat out on the wapsi

  • mossydan
    Cedar Rapids, Iowa
    Posts: 7727

    Its been awhile but I used to take my 14′ jonboat out on open water with a merc 6 horse I used to have. Id slide it off the trailor at the top of the ramp and slide it down the ramp out over the ice to get it to open water like a taboggan. Coming back in Id run it full open then pull up the motor as I was about to hit the ice. I fished the deep holes where fish were stacked up for winter in those holes and get a few walleyes. I also used to fish shallow calm spots next to deeper water for crappies and get them there too. The slightly warmer water in those shallow spots that had warmed just a few degrees would bring the crappies in. I remember one place that was only a couple feet deep, maybe 3′ pushing it and you’d have to set your bobber above the hook about 15″ to get a strike. They wouldn’t pull the bobber down they would pull it sideways. If you can find any deep holes with a halfway deep cut coming from it thats where the walleyes will be. Im wondering if anybodys fishing the wapsi much during this cold spell and if theres much open water.

    NE Iowa
    Posts: 96

    No open water, lots of ice!

    Cedar Falls, Iowa
    Posts: 94

    With the warm weather is the ice still safe? I would really like to get out sometime, not sure where to start though. Any info on places where the ice is safe. Nothing like driving to a place only to find out the ice is crap.

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