Sept trip – Wabigoon Lake, Ontario

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    This might be a shot-in-the-dark as there’s a LOT of lakes up there. But I was invited to tag along with a few guys up to Wabigoon Lake in Ontario, roughly about an hour south of Lac Seul. Looks like a great Walleye destination along with some big pike, muskie and smallmouth as well. I was able to find a fairly dated thread in the Canadian forum regarding fishing it in July but we’re going up the day after Labor Day.

    Curious if anyone here has ever fished it, especially in the late summer/early fall? Wondering if Walleyes might still be reef-related or starting to move to shallower structure that time of year? Would love any first had accounts of experiences on that lake.

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    I don’t have any personal experience with the lake but, a friend of mine has been going there to a resort for 20 years or so in mid summer. About 5 years ago he bought a permanent cabin there. Told me it took a couple years to figure it out and now does well on walleyes, bass, and crappies. His son does well on muskies.

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    I have been there a couple times mostly summer months. Fished out of Polar Star. They had a great harbor W covered docks and power.

    Like a lot of hot summer heat or bug hatches that can affect it. We had both excellent and what the hell works situations. Straight across (south) from Polar are some reefs and shore clay banks the banks were pretty consistent. On the north shore west of polar is a pretty rocky shore watch the rocks (think prop dings) dragging really close produced nice walleyes.

    If you go south and work your way to the Swede lakes (larson or something like that) we found good northern action.

    I never did figure out the mail lake down by Dryden. It’s a lot of water to work with.

    I don’t know how to Pm but if you can get your number to me we can talk a bit if you want.

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