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  • kylem86
    Posts: 158

    After working idk how many days straight it looks like I will be having a 3 day weekend July 9-11! Was wondering if it would be worth the 3 hour drive to come down and fish lake Rathbun? Anyone doing anygood right now? Any imput about how fishing will be mid July? Just kinda want to get away for the weekend but would also like to catch some fish!

    Center of Iowa
    Posts: 727

    I would imagine it is high. Lots of rain in central IA this last week. The amry core says it is 9′ higher than normal and I think that is a lot for that lake. Also haven’t read any good reports from there but you may find some.

    Iowa Marshall Co
    Posts: 956

    3 hours?? Where you coming from? It’s 2 hours for me and I’ll pass. Although this is the time of year that Rathbun starts to turn on. We need this weather to straighten out for a few days. They have been getting pounded a lot!!

    Posts: 158

    I live in Clinton Iowa, it’s the middle most eastern part of the state. I just really want to go somewhere and get out of town for the weekend and catch some fish! This was the first lake that came to mind!

    se iowa
    Posts: 126

    The lake is high and muddy. You can cqtch crappie in the five to eight inch range all day long. Walleye on the other hand have been at best spotty. If you fish hard you might cwtch three or four walleye if u r lucky! I’d stay in clinton and fish the river……;-)

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