New Spoons, new tackle???

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    I get that new tackle catches fisherman but how many times can you re design a spoon that hasn’t been done yet? now we got a bull spoon, last year a coffin shaped spoon! it just cracks me up but when they finally run out of ideas will they just recycle old ideas? i can bet anyone that the pros using the new tackle probably catch the fish with an old kastmaster then swap rods. i don’t remember when the jigging rap came out but that was something new and perhaps the idea came from the Lindy slick jig?

    anyone hear of any new game changing tackle out there this year?

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    Yea there is always new “must have” lures Every year and I always end up buying more crap that I don’t really need rotflol

    I would like to try a few of them clam pinhead jigging minnows this year and give them a try though

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    Brand new Dingleberry Spoon = cutting edge technology = pro secret = tournament winning lure = “””””””””””” whatever you want to hear…


    turns out to be a size 3/0 snap swivel with a treble.

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