New Nebraskans

  • Todd_NE
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    Rather than wade through each post, no offense Kuehl, I’ll just say hi to everyone on this post. I always lurked on the Nebraska GP Forum, didn’t post. Good to see many of you coming here.


    Brian Robinson
    central Neb
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    Hey Todd,
    Glad to be here. Greg (walleye4) has been talking about you some, it’ll be good to visit with you from to time. Hopefully we’ll get this Nebraska side filled up with some people.


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    Good to have you.

    I’ll be honest, I’ve become realllllly turned off on many Internet sites. I hardly post anymore anywhere except for here and the Next Bite. The reason, like many of you see I hope, is that sites that have unregistered (and registered I suppose too) members get out of hand.

    That doesn’t happen here on IDA. Guys and Ladies seem to care about one another, help each other out and don’t go to extremes with bashing and so forth. There’s a little teasing now and then and some joking, but a lot of good information and exchange.

    Language, bashing, etc that went on at the Neb GP forum or agenda’s that other forums have doesn’t seem to play out here – Thank God.


    Lincoln, NE
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    That’s good to here. I was spending a lot less time on the NGPC site just because of the bashing and arguing going on. They let things get way out of hand. A few others and myself included were fed up with where that forum was going and looking for new places to go.

    Brian Klawitter
    Minnesota/Wisconsin Mississippi River
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    There’s a little teasing now and then and some joking

    On this site?? Where?

    We have roughly 80 great fishermen/hunters on staff…but we are growing fast…and with the good folk from NE coming on board, our staff is stretched at times…(they want to go fishing too )

    So we rely on our members to help us at times. If you see a personal attack…or anyother out of line behavior, just click on the little button at the bottom of each post. Put your mouse over it and it says “notify mod”. That signal the fire alarm and the red trucks will come a running.

    Again, we all here at IDA are just tickled pink that you folks chose us!

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