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LOTW Ken-Mar-Ke Resort

  • picklerick
    Central WI
    Posts: 261

    One of my best customers asked if I’d heard anything about this place. He’s going there on a family trip in July. I don’t think he fishes much so I’m sure they’re getting a guide/charter. I searched and couldn’t find anything recent. Anyone have any recent experience? Thanks in advance.

    St. Peter, MN
    Posts: 1060

    I have a coworker that goes up every winter, most of the time twice a winter and stays with them…. Has been for many years. I have never heard any complaints from him.

    Posts: 2877

    I know people that have used them alot and enjoy it. I Have never fished or stayed there but have been to there bar for dinner a hand full of times and always enjoyed it.

    Posts: 721

    Great place and great service. Spent a summer there in are camper. The guide there is very good

    Posts: 448

    Is there a marked channel to get out to the main lake on the southwest side of Pine Island for larger boats or how does that work? Im not sure what the depths are in that area but the maps show it being fairly shallow.

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