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Great service!

  • bigpike
    Posts: 6255

    My trolling motor pooped out on me last weekend- just using it under normal circumstance. Started troubleshooting by checking my batterys. Good!
    Next I pulled off the motor and called my local (50 miles away) Minnkota service center Kurt’s Island Bait shop in Minoqua. Talked with Dave the tech last night at 3:30 and he said if I come at 6:00 he would look at it on the spot. 1 hour later I’m driving home with my repaired motor thinking how great the service was!
    I sheared the pin and melted the prop to the shaft, must of been damaged for awhile then fully gave out. New prop, new seals on the lower end and reasonable cost later this is one happy guy.

    So this plug is for Kurt’s Island bait and tackle:

    THANK YOU. Great service. Good cost.

    Ice Cap
    Posts: 1985

    Always nice to hear about good customer service when it happens. Normally you hear only about bad experiences.

    Brian Klawitter
    Minnesota/Wisconsin Mississippi River
    Posts: 58702

    So this plug is for Kurt’s Island bait and tackle:

    Awesome! toast

    SW Metro
    Posts: 6968

    Nice, I always like to hear the positive stories, thanks for sharing!

    Posts: 845

    always good to hear great service stories, always looking to to do buisness with such.

    Posts: 1335

    I had Walleye Masters splash guards installed yesterday at Wayne’s shop. He noticed my Vantage was mounted to low by the dealer. He said, “Do you want me to fix it, I’ve installed hundreds?” I said, “Sure”. A few minutes later it was done. He didn’t have to say anything but he did and it prevented the motor from getting damaged. Great service!!

    Minocqua, WI
    Posts: 1455

    BTW, bigpike, thanks for the report, got my musky partner having problems with his and sent him that way… Haven’t heard the outcome yet and talked with my bro on his way up and he said he used KUrt’s a year or two ago and got fixed up. I’ll report after musky league tomorrow night.


    Quad Cities
    Posts: 2491

    I love to read good news and stories about good service. Thank you! Glad for you and for them.

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