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Another St Croix Upgrade

  • steve-demars
    Stillwater, Minnesota
    Posts: 1933

    I got another nice King of the Cats Flathead upgrade last night. Measured 43″ X 27″ should be right about 40 lbs or so. I was fishing a bullhead with a 2 hook cat harness and the stinger hook saved the day. That 5/0 circle hook was buried right in the corner of his mouth – sometimes that extra hook saves the day. This fish puts me a 202 points on the leaderboard so I’ve at least made the 200 Club.

    Phoenix, AZ, formerly from the NW 'Burbs, Minneapolis, MN, USA
    Posts: 1620

    I wish there was an “envy” emoticon.

    Nice fish!

    Fox River, NE IL
    Posts: 121

    Awesome fish! Did you notice how the adipose fin appears to be notched out in a small triangle shape? Is that something someone is doing to see if they recapture any or just something that happened to it. I know I have heard reports of anglers doing that kind of stuff before.

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