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Brushy Creek 12-29

  • nick858
    Eldora, Iowa
    Posts: 367

    A buddy and I headed over to Brushy this morning. After a quick stop at McDonalds for a 99 cent Heartattack, we were on the ice by 11. The first holes we drilled ended up being the best of the day, but we poked about 50 holes trying to turn up fish. The final tally was 15 perch, 16 crappies, 45 gills, and 4 dink walleyes. Nothing real big this time, biggest crappie was 12. I was suprised to turn up as many perch as we did, with the size ranging from 8-11 inches.
    Most fish today fell to a Swedish Pimple tipped with spikes, although I did pull a few out on a Diamond Jig with spikes. We fished in 24fow and had 8 inches or so of ice. At 430, we only had a few crappies, but the last 30 minutes of our day they really turned on. We kept some fish for a neighbor, who doesnt get out fishing anymore, but the rest were released.

    Cedar Falls, Iowa
    Posts: 94

    I have always wanted to fish that lake. How far of a drive is it from Cedar Falls? Congrats on a great catch!!!

    NE IA
    Posts: 736

    Thanx for the report Nick and congrats on the catch

    Cedar Falls, Iowa
    Posts: 309

    Brushy is about 90 minutes from Cedar Falls. If you go, be careful, it’s very deep(even close to shore) and the ice is variable.

    Oakdale, MN
    Posts: 1187

    Nice work Nick. Sounds like the bite was a little better on monday. I haven’t tried a swedish pimple out there yet. Might have to give one a try next time. I’m guessing that extra flash would draw more fish in.

    Blairsburg IA
    Posts: 166

    Swedish Pimple!!!

    I suppose you had to use something big so that 20 would pick it up?

    Nice job on the fish.

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