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Bow Mount Trolling Motor….????

  • Tim McGlothlin
    Posts: 1

    Has anyone ever mounted a bow mount trolling motor on a Lund WC-14? Thinking about putting a Minnkota Terrova 12v 55# 60″ on one. Yeah, it sounds crazy but I am kinda crazy anyway.

    NW Iowa
    Posts: 462

    Got a buddy with an ulterra on a 14 foot v bottom… its not a lund but its a mirrocraft or starcraft or something bench seat boat. He wanted spot lock… Hated crawling over the seats… has more money in trolling motor then the boat/motor/trailer. Works prefect for chasing panfish around smaller lakes and farm ponds. He put 2 group 27s under the front seat of the boat and had to do some customizing to do that but it looks good. Had is wife sew up a piece of material and it snaps into place to cover it all up.

    Lakeville, MN
    Posts: 790

    I had an alumacraft A1 14 footer with a Transom mount 35 TM that I reversed the polarity and mounted at the bow. Pulled a lot faster than it ever pushed the boat. Battery was mid ship with a fuse block to run the TM, fish finder, and lights, and aerator in a cooler.

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