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Winnebago Perch Jerking

  • diesel
    Menomonee Falls, WI
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    Ran out to Bago Sunday early afternoon about 3pm with my son to spend a couple hours of guy time. Target was walleye and perch. Told him that we would look for perch then drag some boards for a little. Headed to the same reef I was at a couple weeks ago and some one was sitting exactly on my waypoint. No big deal just thought it was funny. Putted around for a couple of minutes to find what I was looking for on the electronics then put the anchor down in about 11FOW. Gave my first mate his bobber rod and showed him how to use the dead stick I set up for him. Put out a couple more rods and after about 8 minutes with no bites (I have a 10 minute rule to find active fish) I make the comment to my son, “we may have to move.” Then I get a fish on my rod and hand it to him. I turn around and his dead stick is going…then it was off to the races. Caught perch, pumpkinseed, and gills. NOT A SINGLE GOAT! Which was a pleasant surprise. The gills were nice and thick with the biggest about 8.5 inches. Perch size distribution was also decent compared to last trip. Most were in the 8 inch range with a couple 9 inchers. Kept a few smaller ones as the kid was slow and they swallowed the hook.

    Lots of action to keep my son busy to where we both switched to only one dead stick rod. The smart alek 12 yr old goes “I thought you wanted to move..ha ha ha” Never moved from the first spot.

    Bite slowed a bit and could tell he was getting tired of getting robbed by the perch. So I introduced him to planer boards which he thought was pretty cool to set up the springs on the tattle flag and we talked about how they worked. He also thought the board rods and reels were interesting. He always amazes me with his analytical mind as he wants to figure out stuff. Dragged lines for little bit and nice got a white bass. Lots of weeds in the water so you know how that goes. Spent more time cleaning lines than fishing. Only spend 30 minutes and then pulled the plug. Off the water at 6pm

    Kept 17 decent perch for a family meal and a donated walleye from a nice guy with kids I chatted with at the ramp.

    Boat traffic was the normal. Talked to a few guys when I launched who could not find perch which made me think that it was going to be tough fishing. Oh well. Been there but now I know what to look for and you really have to use your electronics.

    A good time spent with my son and got to talk about some “guy stuff.” Well I talked and he listened…..LOLOLOLOL Gotta keep the doors open ya know for when he needs to talk to Dad.


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