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Gill Lice epidemic to the brook trout

  • LenH
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    I spoke to Kim McCarthy this weekend. Kim is the Wisconsin State President of Trout Unlimited.

    TU and WDNR needs angler input on GILL LICE

    What stream and county did you find them?
    What percentage of brookies are infested?

    Kim and WDNR needs this information.

    Gill Lice could become an epidemic to the brook trout population.

    Please help.

    [email protected]

    [email protected]

    Report gill lice to these 2.

    Posts: 2385

    Hi Len, and thanks for your note. I do not think we know for sure that there are two species of gill lice on the BKT. We want to confirm this by looking at samples from infected fish. If you would like to help, here’s what you can do.

    Only collect samples from dead fish (fish you catch and take home). There is no way to remove the parasites from live fish without harming the fish. After the fish is dead, use a scissors to cut out the gill arches that have the parasites attached and place in a small container of 70% rubbing alcohol. Add enough rubbing alcohol so the ratio of tissue to alcohol is 1:10. The gills can be left like this indefinitely. Label the container with the location, species of fish and date of collection. We can arrange to pick up samples from you- just let us know.

    Thanks for your interest on this Len,


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