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  • Sharon
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    Bought in 2019 and only used a few times. It’s a Masterbuilt Elite 40″ Digital Electric Smoker from Cabelas. Comes with the cover, thermometers, and the stuff on the table below it. It sits on a homemade rolling stand and has a handy fold-out table, so it’s at a great height for easy use! Asking $300 or BO. Pick up in southeast metro.

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    Dakota County, MN
    Posts: 4858

    To the top!

    cold spring mn
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    i have one about the same works excellent!!!!!!! or i’d scarf that up in a heartbeat!!!!!

    Dakota County, MN
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    It really is a nice smoker, I just don’t plan on using it. Would take $250 for it if someone’s interested! grin

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    That is the cleanest glass I ever seen on a used smoker. You can tell it was very well taken care of.

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    Dang, had I not picked up another one recently I’d jump in this deal especially with the cart!!

    For anyone who hasn’t used them, I love the masterbuilt smokers. My first one (electric) lasted for 6 years and sat out un-covered for 4 of those years, year-round. Finally gave up the ghost due to being uncovered. I bought another one, similar model but with a glass door this time, and it has a cover + I store it in my garage or on the porch now. I expect it to last 7-10 years based on my use case (~ twice per month smoking).

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