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Sheds from ‘High Flyers’

  • ragerunner
    Winona, MN
    Posts: 699

    I matched up one of our up-and-comers called ‘High Flyers’. He was a late shedder and they were over a half mile apart.

    Overall, it’s a very slow year for shedding. I only have 5 and I’ve put some serious miles on.

    I hope others are having better luck.

    Maple Grove, MN
    Posts: 270

    Pretty cool looking rack. Do you think it is genetic or does it look like he has been injured on both sides of his body in the past?
    Congrats on the match.

    Winona, MN
    Posts: 699

    I’m pretty sure it’s genetic. We had two others like him this year, but one disappeared.

    SC/SW MN
    Posts: 1081

    Congrats! He could turn out to be quite some buck in the years to come

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