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Quietest single cylinder kicker?

  • BAR
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    Looking to add a 6hp to 1650 rebel xl. I usually use big motor with TM. This would mostly be for redundancy when on Lake Michigan and perhaps to troll a bit too rough or windy for TM on plains lakes. Boat has 90hp on it. Thanks.

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    I would say a Suzuki is going to be probably the quietest. My 150 is so quiet all I hear when its running at idle is the water splashing the side of the boat or the stream coming out of the motor.

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    I bought the Suzuki 15hp high thrust last year for trolling. Very quiet, not sure if it is the quietest though. Was going to a 9hp but nobody had any available. I like it cause it has the power trim and also a pull start in case main battery dies I can easily start it. Also wanted a redundant motor for big water, so I figured the 15hp would be better than the 9hp too. I have a black Competitor 185 and the Suzuki matched up better than the Yamaha. Merc would have been my other choice due to color and I know they also have an EFI motor.

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    Thanks, yes the larger 2 cycle kickers are great. I am looking at the smaller single cylinder and hoping to find out which has least vibration and noise, appreciate all the help.

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    I bought a 4hp Suzuki ( brand new from dealer) last late spring. I used it most of the summer and got sick of having to use the internal tank and needed a bit more power so traded it for a 6hp. I love it! It does everything I need it to do. It’s a little louder than a twin but it’s nothing major. I can run on about a half a 3 gallon external tank running all day on a weekend trip. Depending on how you look at it it’ll pay for it self in saved fuel in just a few years! On a 16.5ft Alumacraft

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    Not sure whey you are set on a single cylinder for that size boat?
    I would recommend 4-stroke regardless of what you choose and they are all quiet.
    Here’s a video you may find interesting. The 2-cylinder is quieter.

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    I’ve had single cylinder 4-stroke 6hp Merc (Tohatsu), 5 hp Honda, and 6 hp Evinrude (Tohatsu), and the Tohatsu and Honda were about the same. Not as smooth running as a two cylinder 4-stroke, but plenty of power for my 17 ft. Yarcraft and Lund, with a top speed of 5 or 6 mph WOT, and troll down nicely to 1.5 to 2 mph. I like the fact that they’re light (60 lbs), Noise level on both not a nuisance. Use it mostly trolling Lake MI but saved my butt several times on Lake MI and in Canada, limping in after main motor problems.

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