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Pumpkin math, help me here

  • tim hurley
    Posts: 4300

    Math, not my thing, growing pumpkins no. Just heard a news report of a 1500 lb. pumpkin. We grew them once they did not set fruit until July. With that as a starting point and the end of Sept the end point that thing is growing 5oolb a month, or 16lbs a day! Does it grow in the dark? If not it is growing about a pound an hour, you could practically see it growing. Growing these monsters is really a thing for some and they can sell the seeds for 100 a piece. Check my math, but it is almost Little Shop of Horrors spooky.

    Central Mn North of the smiley water tower
    Posts: 2175

    I’ve heard that many of the pro growers claim 15-20 lbs per day easily once they crack 100. Right amount of water/fertilizer, and trim off all other vines.

    Posts: 2913

    Wow that’s crazy. They must suck up ALOT of water

    Hudson, Wi/Aitkin Co
    Posts: 1450

    Serious giant pumpkin growers can take it to a different level. Soil testing, soil prep, climate controlled green houses, irrigation, genetics, plant care and pruning, etc. Fruiting in July may or may not be an accurate assumption.

    Cloquet, MN
    Posts: 530

    Google alaska state fair pumpkin, they have a contest every year and they are gigantic.
    Remember watching a documentary years ago about the growers there. If I remember correctly one of them actually took the roof off the top of the greenhouse and lifted it out with a truck crane to take it to the State Fair contest.

    Ralph Wiggum
    Maple Grove, MN
    Posts: 11303

    I’ve read that 30 lbs per day is not unheard of. It’s pretty incredible. It’s something I’ve wanted to try growing but have never taken the initiative to do.

    Farmington, MN
    Posts: 2461

    Wow that’s crazy. They must suck up ALOT of water

    Bsing with a guy last year. He said he gives his giant pumpkins 500 gallons of water a day this time of year. Good thing he was on a well. They are 80% to 90% water.

    Hodag Hunter
    Northern Wisconsin
    Posts: 288

    A friend of mine grows “Giant Pumpkins”. He even has his own strain. Some seeds sell for over $75ea. 500#+ pumpkins are the norm. I guess water is the key. He has a constant running water supply for each plant.

    Posts: 1136

    Just read an article about a guy growing a 2500 lb pumpkin. He said at peak growing time it was growing 40 to 50 pounds per day. shock

    Shell Rock Iowa
    Posts: 2563

    Lead in the water? just joking,,,,,,, pumpkin growers are honest folk. grin

    Farmington, Outing
    Posts: 7835

    He won!
    and that’s a lotta water and fertilizer

    “Lots of tender loving care in the form of 200 gallons of water and 12 to 14 applications of fertilizer a day brought it to life”

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