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New Type of Walleye Guide Service

  • patk
    Nisswa, MN
    Posts: 1997

    while you are at it,can you guarantee that on the way out or back in the machine that we are riding on will break down??
    how about dull auger blades?? dead batteries/out of gas on the auger.

    Sorry, it’s just the opposite. Great time and care has been taken to ensure all the equipment is in top working order. There’s no machine to break as it’s all been walk out for me. No wheeler or sled here, just good old fashioned hard work.

    In the gear testing segment there are reviews coming for how you can still fail with the latest tech: Milwaukee/Pistol bit combo, DIY project, how to fail and then solidly mount Otter rod holders in a Clam Nanook, a couple new Trophy Angler additions(spoiler alert, the little dome light is awesome). Is the Smitty Sled overrated or not? How to teach a Vex guy to use his new Helix 7.

    John Rasmussen
    Posts: 2847

    Ok Pat I’m in also! What we really need is some terrible sponsors. I can get us in with some super shady businesses that most likely will give us checks that will bounce, but get us some sweet bumper stickers. Let me know if your interested.

    I would love to be on the pro staff. However I made the mistake of catching Walleye on two outings already this winter. So I worry that I don’t qualify, I will work on striking out more in the future so I may be considered. bawling

    Posts: 11312

    In light of recent events this was a refreshing and much needed escape. Thanks everyone. Hilarious.

    Isanti, MN
    Posts: 1058

    In light of recent events this was a refreshing and much needed escape. Thanks everyone. Hilarious.

    X2! I find myself excited to refresh the page after a bit! Great humor & some clever guys on here. I love it! applause

    Farmington, MN
    Posts: 2564

    applause Well done patk.

    Will your motto be “it’s just nice being on the water”

    Upper Midwest
    Posts: 4535

    I’ll gladly help the business by providing a How-To segment on “Making Your Wife Angry” while fishing. My expertise in this area is rarely matched when I’m in the mood to push my luck.

    The classic “one more cast” is a great start, but there’s far more available throughout the trip to complete the experience. It’s crazy how much frustration a timely move can do when she finally gets comfortable sun bathing, or how a strategically cracked cold beer can ruin a great nap on the water. Do not overlook slinging a dink sauger or walleye into the boat over her beach towel or unnecessary bag of stuff that made the trip if everything else fails. As a bonus strategy that seems too good to be true, I sometimes suggest she grab a trolling rod when we hit a double and may get eyes rolled or a loud “ugh” if she was “busy” doing something.

    Al Case
    Posts: 306

    Todd Snider has the grunge rock band market cornered.

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