Lefty Youth Slug Recomendations?

  • Slipbob nick
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    Have the little guy a inexpensive single shot that’s worked well for grouse. Barrel is pretty short and the sight is just a bead not optimal for deer. Anyone have experience with something that has worked well for a left handed kid for slugs? So far besides single shots using a right handed pump has been recommended mainly have seen mossberg which I could be biased but haven’t seen the greatest performance from those I know with them granted most I know with them are older ones.

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    I shoot lefty and always have shot right handed guns, it’s not that bad. Finding youth models is fairly difficult in general right now, but a youth lefty is a unicorn. I recently got a REM 1100 youth model second hand for the kids, and am now trying to track down a slug barrel.

    Brad Dimond
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    Ithaca Deerslayer and BPS Micro Midas are both bottom eject and made in 20 gauge.
    Tough to find but worth looking for. Alternately, have the single shot tapped for a scope, put a 4x fixed scope on it.

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    Probably too expensive for what you’re looking for, but I absolutely love my Savage 220 left-handed model. Not a youth model, but they come with a bunch of different sized spacers to adjust length of pull, and it’s relatively easy to work with since it’s basically a large caliber bolt action rifle. Super accurate and can shoot 20 gauge sabots all day long without feeling it at all.

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    I bought my left handed son an 870, then ordered a Hastings slug barrel. They we’re the only option I could find for left handed Remington. But he’s almost as tall as me. So not a youth gun though. He’s on the left in picture.

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