Leech slush conditions or lack there of

  • walleyefisher87
    Central MN/ SJU
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    Just looking for an up to date idea on conditions on the lake. Was thinking about running up there early next week. Is truck travel still available or is there to much slush?? Would wheelers be better or a sled. Thanks

    Ben Brettingen
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    99 percent of the lake was great traveling on my sled. 1 percent not so good. Knee high slush, and layers of ice. I would suggest snowmobile, wheelers would work and trucks are probably a bad idea. The shingobee access by the old club was where I jumped on and wasn’t terrible. It was eroding a little bit. Most of what I saw was fine for snowmobile traffic. You are closer to needing an extension than the ice going out. However I hit some current areas where it was just over a foot back by shingobee. The perch weren’t cooperating for me but I have heard sand pt. is the place to be fishing or big and little hardwood if you are looking for a bit of a trek.

    Good luck!

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    Hey Ben, how did you do up there this year for perch?

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