Full Name

Ben Brettingen





Hailing from Waconia, Minnesota Ben grew up with some of the best metro waters right out of his front door. Ben was able to grow up on the fore front of the Metro Muskie craze, and learned quickly what it takes to catch toothy critters.

Experiencing what it took to catch fish down south, Ben proceeded to travel the midwest in search of many species. From Lake of the Woods, Winnie, and Leech all the way to Devil’s Lake, Ben is always looking for the next great bite.

“For me, it’s the learning experience, fishing can often get mundane if you’re not stepping outside your comfort zone, trying new techniques, and fishing new bodies of water. It’s what makes fishing so interesting!”

When Ben doesn’t have a rod in hand, you will find him behind the camera for In-Depth Outdoors TV.

The chink in his fishing armor is hunting. When the leaves begin to turn and the temperatures start to drop, you can find Ben in the field chasing Mallards and Honkers or high up in a tree waiting for the next big Whitetail to step out.