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ethernet, when do i need the hub?

  • Phillip Ames
    Posts: 27

    Guys, I am new to Hummingbird and have some questions. I will have a Helix 10 G4N MSI+ at the console, and a Helix 9 G4N MSI+ at the bow. I also will be running a MK Ulterra 80 w/MSI transducer, and Ipilot link. I am planning on adding a Mega 360 transducer to the console unit (Helix 10), I do not have any other transducers connected to this unit. Question is do I need to add the Ethernet hub unit and run everything thru it, or can the 2 units be networked together unit to unit, and also allow me to use the Ipilot link? I hope I asked the question correctly. Thanks!

    Justin Laack
    Posts: 374

    Yes, you will need the hub in order to use the link feature, along with the mega 360 once you install that. You will also need 2 cable dongle adapters for each helix to connect to the unit and the hub. Good luck with finding a hub they are in high demand and just about everywhere is out of stock or want $350 for one. I found one this spring by pure luck from a dealer out of state and they charged the regular $269 plus shipping. If your search for one runs dry hit me up and I can give you the name of the place where I got mine.

    Posts: 2729

    Scheels has a hub in stock for $329. I also have two dongle adapters I would sell the pair to you for $25 plus shipping unless you are in Minneapolis north metro area and want to pick them up.

    Phillip Ames
    Posts: 27

    Yea, thanks for the responses guys. I was pretty sure when I typed in the question I was going to have to get the hub. Was hoping someone might have an answer. I have found a couple on line for $260. Now I have to figure out where to mount everything. I have a Warrior 1890bt. Normally new boats are fun, but with all these crazy shortages have taken all the fun out of it. Let’s go Brandon!

    Posts: 718

    I see one possible problem. As has been said you will need a switch. The Ulterra, Helix 10 and helix 9 will be connected to the switch.
    The Mega 360 requires a compatible Helix unit to connect to. It is processed as a SI transducer signal. If your Helix 10 has a SI ducer connected to it you will not be able to connect to it as it is already in use. That’s why I have two units on my console. One is connected to the SI/2D ducers and the other has the Mega 360 connected to it. The Mega 360 is available, over the network, to all the other units. But it has to be processed with a head unit first. You can use a splitter cable and hook the 360 and 2D to the Helix 9 at the bow or just the 360 without a splitter cable.
    On a side note the Mega Live connects to a network port, not a head unit, and then can be loaded on any unit, on the network, that can process the signal. Gen 3+ & Gen 4 units only.

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