Corpus Cristi Winter AirBnb

  • trophy19
    Maple Grove, MN
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    Looking for winter getaway AIRBNB options for a month or so. Did a week at Havasu last year… nice, but looking for ocean vs desert.

    Anybody spend any time aroud Corpus Cristi area during the winter? Thoughts on weather, fishing, sites, prices, etc?


    Steven Krapfl
    Springville, Iowa
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    If you entertain Port Isabel on South Padre, I got some recommendations, but I never stayed in Corpus Cristi.

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    I was there in late March a few years ago. Low to mid 60’s for average highs. The fishing for black drum can be pretty good and you don’t need a boat. Other inshore and offshore possibilities available. Places should be reasonably priced because it’s the off season down there. It would be a nice place to visit in the summer.

    For January and February I think Mexico and Central America are better warmer options.

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    If you like killing ducks January is a good time to be there. Lots open hunting area along the coast to freelance hunt if you have a small boat and there are plenty of ducks.

    Like pat said, it can be cold in the middle of winter.

    I’d suggest going down to port aransas or some town similar along the coast.

    Mike W
    MN/Anoka/Ham lake
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    We did Galveston last winter for New Years and liked it. Got an house right on the water that had kayaks to use. Lots of shore fishing places in the area to. Was 60s and 70s most days. Temps dropped over night to freezing the day we left.

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    My folks go to south padre island every year . For fishing any bay fishing or fishing along the pier is shoulder to shoulder . Surf fishing you’d be okay to get away from the crowds . I found a guide through a bar down there that was awesome . 200 bucks for my wife and I and fished like a guide should . Bay fishing. Let ya cast bait the hook ect . Talked poop and fished with us the whole time : good old boy . Let me know if you need his number .

    Musky Ed
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    We had a winter house there out on North Padre Island from 2010-2015. Was a fantastic time. Did a lot of kayak fishing and had a bay boat also that we docked right at our house. some of the best fishing was 100 yds from our house.
    Also, Port Aransas isn’t down to, and I’m not sure about it being off season. December through Feb can be cool at times and would be warmer by South Padre. Home rentals on the island are not cheap when I owned my home there, you could figure on about 4000 per month, and most were booked for a year or more in advance. You actually weren’t supposed to rent out your home in the area where I lived, but people did it anyway.

    Musky Ed
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    Just took a look at Airb&b and it looks as though many places, condos and such, are available for a reasonable price as long as you don’t want an actual home. I would plan for march if warm weather is a concern.

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