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Anything Happening?

  • Brent Yeakey
    Bloomer, WI
    Posts: 553

    Anything new happening out on the Chain?

    Eagle Point Wi. USA
    Posts: 54

    Since they held the tournament over on Pokegama a few weekends back, fishing in that area has been tough-nonexistent . Even checking out the Lake Links site (inferior tothis one ) shows that no one is writing about it at all.

    Brent Yeakey
    Bloomer, WI
    Posts: 553

    That is the same thing I have been noticing. There was a strong night bite for Crappies a couple weeks back, but that sounds to be all over now.

    Eau Claire , WI
    Posts: 2790

    Night bite is slowing down over on Prairie Lake. You got about a 2hr window between 430 pm to 630pm.

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