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    Was able to run up a chance some sturgeon on friday, saturday and sunday. Weather was rather chilly, but we were able to catch fish.
    3 am came quite early on friday morning, and after a four and a half hour drive, we arrived at the lake. I was a little jittery from the energy drink and coffee on the way up but i was ready to hit the water. Danny my co-captain was doing pretty good also in that he predicted a good bite considering he was dreaming about sturgeon the whole way up. Our first couple hours yielded no fish, and i was getting a little panicked. Not catching fish is not o.k. with me. We made a few moves and got away from the crowds and finally were able to start finding some fish. Totals for friday were eight fish, with four over 50″ and biggest right at 58″

    Saturday we hit the water and went back to where we were catching them the night before. Once again the morning bite was slow for us, but heated up after 3:30
    Once again we ended the day with eight fish with another 58″ and several over 50″.
    Sunday we fished half a day and ended up with 3 fish with another two over 50″. It was a very long drive back to the St. Cloud area.

    In all it was a great trip. Few sprinkles and snowflakes but managable. Fishing overall for people seemed to be ok in that they were catching fish, but not huge numbers. Our best presentation seemed to be with a four ounce weight with a shorter snell right around twelve inches. Most fish came in the 20-22′ range in and around the gap. Quite a few people up there fishing the main community spots. We did see one monster that got off boatside that was over 75″. Easily could have been in the 80″ range. Biggest fish i have ever seen in freshwater without a doubt. The head was a foot long.
    Quite the phenomenal fishery, and good luck to everyone heading up there this weekend, and make sure to really hang onto your rods. Those fish get in the current and its off to the races. I burnt out the worm gear in one calcutta, so i need to get that fixed soon. We also were able to get about and hour and a half of great footage, so i can’t wait to start editing it.

    Central MN/ SJU
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    Oh ya forgot to mention that there are a ton of divers around, Bluebills, golden eye, buffs. etc. Made a guy almost wish it was fall.

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    Awesome!! Can’t wait to see the video.

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    Now tell me…


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    Go Johnnies!

    Thanks for the report.

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    Awesome Fish

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    Great to hear…I hope everyone has that type of luck this weekend. Next time you get up to Lake of the Woods, please stop by the Wigwam and introduce yourself. Take care and Happy Fishing!

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