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Buying a third party battery for Dewalt

  • Aboxy17
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    With how expensive Dewalt Batteries are I am looking at buying a third-party battery on Amazon for my Dewalt and clam plate auger set up this winter. Should I stick with the Dewalt battery or is it worth it to save the money?

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    Stick with Dewalt unless you want to replace again after the season.

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    Don’t do it. The China batteries are garbage

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    Stay with OEM, I have ordered the China batteries and they are junk. They use fake reviews. Good news is most places have a sale on them right now for Cyber week.

    Blackduck, MN / Minneapolis, MN
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    I use Waitley brand batteries (off of Amazon) for my Dewalt toolset (not for an auger) and had no issues. I make sure to keep them charged, etc. but haven’t had one die on me yet. I’m sure that they wouldn’t last as long as a regular Dewalt when running an auger, but the cost savings might be worth it to just have a few extra.

    N C Illinois
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    I have a 9.0 Milwaukee knock-off I got off eBay 2-3 years ago and it’s lasted longer than the 2 original Milwaukee 9.0s I had. Haven’t had any issues with it at all. Those kind of batteries are crazy expensive for sure.

    Quad Cities
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    I do not know if this will help you, but an attempt anyways. Might be comparing apples to oranges.
    At work our ambulance cots are hydraulically driven to raise and lower them. They run on Dewalt batteries. To save money we sometimes buy replacement batteries from Batteries Plus rather Dewalt brand or branded by the cot manufacturer. They seem to work well and last about as long as the Dewalt branded ones. This said, we do have to replace batteries a couple times per year.

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    not all knockoff batteries are the same. even from the same vendor. they are using cells that are who knows. sometimes good cells they got for cheap, sometime crappy cells they paid regular price for.

    A buddy runs a home building company and supplies all his guys with power tools. its not a giant crew. for a while he tried to save money and use cheap batteries. he found that 75% of them had a pretty early failure rate. in the winter in the cold it was worse. he said some of them were just fine.

    he ended up going back to OEM.

    James Almquist
    Posts: 164

    You can pickup 2 Dewalt 5AH for $80.00 with free shipping. Seller has over a 1000 sales with 100% feedback. There is 0 chance I would buy from a box store. There prices are so inflated and yet people seem to want to throw there money away. Some of my batteries are over 10 years old and still going strong. Just have to charge them at the end of the day.

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