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Boat lights plug in ??

  • Chuck Melcher
    SE Wisconsin, Racine County
    Posts: 1918

    I have build up of crud on my truck / trailer plug. If I clean it with contact cleaner and a little emery cloth… can I simply apply a small amount general purpose grease to it? Or do I need a special electrical grease for some reason?

    northern Illinois
    Posts: 51

    Electrical contact grease would be your best bet, autozone or similar store will have it.

    Harrisville, UT
    Posts: 2816

    Costs about a buck at the checkout counter of the auto parts store. Dielectric grease.

    Chuck Melcher
    SE Wisconsin, Racine County
    Posts: 1918


    Posts: 4629

    Be sure you have a cover for your plugs, otherwise that grease will just attract more dirt and road gunk.

    Minneapolis MN
    Posts: 1094

    I hate these plugs so much. Mine just hangs down by the hitch and I have found that using the runber cover just seems to make it corrode even more because it inevitably gets wet. Grease seemed to make things worse too. Had the best luck just leaving it open and planning on using qtips when needed. Finally wised up and just bought a 4 plug converter for the round 7 way.

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