Black Friday Cyber Monday 2023

  • isu22andy
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    I haven’t had a chance to look too much. I’ll report back if I stumble across anything noteworthy.

    Things I’m on the lookout for deals on:

    -Milwaukee Batteries
    -Another Milwaukee heated vest (for the Mrs.)
    -Ruger 10/22 for a nephew
    -newer generation Helix if the deal is right
    -metal locking storage cabinets for the garage

    On the locking cabinets – med central outlet in Rochester – one exit up from Fleet farm – has all the remodeled stuff from Mayo Clinic’s and hotels for sale . Not sure on the locking cabinets as I didn’t look close last time I was there but I know they have a ton of file cabinets for sale . Wouldn’t drive out of my way but it’s worth a stop if you’re outfitting a shop or garage and in the area. Lots of nice cabinets and counter tops , chairs , desks , beer fridges ect . Changes weekly .

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    Check their website out, they usually update their new inventory frequently and sometimes do have metal lockable storage cabinets!

    SE MN
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    I’m watching for a deal on NOCO Boost jump starter for vehicles and boat.

    those get all the publicity but most of the competitors are just as good if not better. I picked up the Avapow jump pack and it has already paid for itself in one year not that I expected it. jumped 2 good sized V8’s with it already, both not mine. get rid of your jumper cables and pick up a quality jump pack for those in case moments.
    shout out to the gentleman on lake Zumbro who gave my kid $100 for a jump while I parked the truck. I will never find the guy but you did not need to do that.

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    Thorne Bros has the newer Clam X-400 with the wider door marked down to $350, I am debating between that and the Otter Pro Lodge.

    Scheels has the last year model Diawa Fuego’s on sale for $55, I ran one most of the summer and was pleased with its performance.

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    Not hunting or fishing related, but if any of you sports fans have room on your wall for a 100″ 4k TV, Best Buy has a HiSense 100″ going for $3000, that’s marked down from $10,000 – a $7000 savings! Nothing like having your own jumbotron!

    Between Pool 2 and Pool 4
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    If you like to build AR rifles Aero Precision has 30% off. I couldn’t wait to tell my FW all the money I saved peace

    I think I’m going back for more to build her a purple and gold anodized AR15. Not because she’s a Vike’s fan but because it’s purty. has some good deals too. Now’s a good time to buy. Prices may not be like they were in the good ole days but it is available. Add in a sale and it’s a win.

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