A Message from James Holst: In-Depth Outdoors TV

  • Dean Marshall
    Chippewa Falls WI /Ramsey MN
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    Does time fly or what ? Its been quite a journey to watch and this book is far from over, just the next chapter. Looking forward to the next page my friend.

    ryan hunt
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    What a great post to end it on. The part that resonated with me is to know you were actually aware that you can benefit your current staff more with moving on than holding the cards to yourself. It takes a lot of in depth thinking to arrive at the decision to let go and then to actually move forward with letting it go. Most owners cannot and ultimately we as business owners hold others back, even though we may think we are giving the maximum value. To understand the challenges small businesses owners face in day to day operations and to know the amount of thought you had to put into this is an example for everyone to follow. Taking emotion out of business is the best information anyone has ever given myself. One of the hardest things to do is to eliminate emotion, especially during your decision process with an offer on the table. I’m sure a lot of reflection was put into it. I understand your forward thinking and you certainly deserve all the benefits finally rewarded. Enjoy the next chapter in your story and thank you for the quality that you put into the show. Alot of people learned a lot of valuable information that will benefit them for years to come.

    Dave Koonce
    Prairie du Chien Wi.
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    Friends For Life toast

    Tom P.
    Whitehall Wi.
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    What a hoot and ride for you from some no name guide from Fish The River to full blown out right winner in life. With everything you have gone thru it could not of happened to a harder working and nicer person. Thank You and CONGRATULATIONS.

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    Who owns Norsk now?

    Battle Lake, MN
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    Congratulations! Has to be a great feeling when a business plan pays off, especially when sooner than expected! Something all of us small business owners hopefully get to encounter, if all the stars align. Enjoy your new journey.

    Northern Todd County
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    toast Hopefully you have some more time to enjoy a nice glass of bourbon while enjoying some quality family time. I just might have to go get a bottle to have a toast to you. It would be my first sip of bourbon since you shared some on a house boat trip a while back, I will not say how long but its been a few years. toast

    Round House
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    Congrats James. I have seen every episode and we have had quite a few conversations over the years. I am super happy for you and your family. May god bless you and your family on your journey.

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    Congrats James and IDO team. Very well deserved!

    IDO has been my comfort show for years. This website helps scratch the itch for my outdoors passion as well.

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    Congratulations! As a semi driver who travels in the Midwest. I always listen to shows on YouTube when driving. I’m sure I’ve watched each episode a dozen times. Always something new catching my ears. Thanks for the work given and the commitment.
    Best in the future to you and IDO family. I know this will decrease my chance of running into you on the ice. Was one of my biggest dreams. The knowledge you shared and helped me become a better ice Angler. Farwell!

    Posts: 797

    The American dream! If you can do that and get out financially secure with a loving wife/best friend, you’ve reached a monumental goal. Enjoy!

    Birnamwood, WI
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    Congratulations James, and while I may be sad at the end of an era with the TV show, you have always been a class act of a host with a devout interest in educating the public and taking us along for some epic adventures, and for those things I’m extremely grateful to have found this IDO network. I stumbled upon your show about 15 years ago and have been watching every dang episode since, not to mention this forum has brought about a wealth of growth in my fishing knowledge over the years. I can honestly say this place and IDO has formed a huge part of my life from my teens now into my thirties. Cheers to the next in your hopefully long line of epic adventures before you finally ride off into the sunset of true retirement.

    Bass Pundit
    8m S. of Platte/Sullivan Lakes, Minnesocold
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    Congratulations, Mr. Holst!

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    That, ladies and gentlemen, is the quintessential American dream. Take a chance at something you are passionate about even if you risk everything and build it up.

    Congratulations sir!

    Joe Scegura
    Alexandria MN
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    Congrats James!

    This is very exciting news. I want to thank you for always being a true professional!

    From the first time I met you on the ice to the first time we filmed together. You taught me a lot. In fact being around you it seemed your goal was always to help everyone you came in contact with. I will forever be thankful. I couldn’t be happier for you!

    Dan Berger
    Posts: 4

    Congratulations James. Good luck in the future.
    On a side note,small world, you probably have dealt several times with my wife with Norsk.

    Posts: 112

    Not bad for a kid from Austin, MN! Congrats on your success and good luck
    with your next adventures.

    Bass Thumb
    Royalton, MN
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    Congrats, and best wishes!

    It’s been the best fishing show I’ve ever seen, so the news is a bit bittersweet. I’ll miss IDO TV!

    Farmington, MN
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    Congratulations James

    Hudson, Wi
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    Congratulations James. Will definitely miss watching IDO on Saturday mornings. It is awesome to see your hard work being rewarded. Cheers to you and best of luck in your next adventures. toast

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    Congrats James! Always good to see a friend succeed! If this means you have more free time, the Pool 4 walleyes better look out!

    Posts: 285

    I stumbled across the TV show years ago on Youtube and then started following the forums for years before I made my first post. This show was a source of good information and may of even sparked a few trips to places like Red or devils lake. Every episode it feels like you were going with a friend and you were along for the ride. Each person could feel your genuine compassion for fishing and wanting to put out a quality program.

    Enjoy your new adventure and as always good luck fishing.

    The Sand Prairie
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    Does this mean those of us who donated $50 to keep FTR afloat are going to see any ROI? tongue

    Dousman, WI
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    Borrowing from an earlier post, you are truly a class act James. I recognized that from the few guide trips in early 2000’s, reinforced when you took a couple minutes to help me cover my YarCraft at Evers on a very busy March day while my buddy cleaned fish. It’s been great following your success on this site and the show. And to offer the detailed explanation for your personal and business decisions….my hat’s off to you. Wishing you and your old/new staff continued success.

    Rochester, MN
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    Congrats on a great run. Been great to see the growth from FTR days to today. Best of luck moving forward.

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    Your personal story is inspiring and I am grateful you shared that with us here. How much emotional support is a factor in building anything worth while in life is truly underrated.

    I’d imagine there was some extra paperwork in keeping this website going in that sale, which should speak volumes to anyone who enjoys these forums. We all appreciate you keeping this information sharing going. The archives of FTR and old bobber style IDO is truly a treasure trove of fishing knowledge.

    Helluva sunset to walk off into to end this chapter.

    Best of luck in your new one. Cheers to signing those dotted lines toast

    Hudson, WI
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    Congrats James! It’s been fun to watch you progress your career over the years and everything that’s come your way is well deserved. I know we haven’t seen the last of you and look forward to your next adventure. Congrats on the success and here’s to whats next! applause toast

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    Wow, that’s some news I didn’t see coming. Congratulations guys and good luck in your future endeavors waytogo

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    So FWIW I’m guessing RapalaVMC is the buyer given James connections.

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