A Message from James Holst: In-Depth Outdoors TV

  • Iowaboy1
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    Congrats James and crew !!
    I am going to miss having Sunday morning coffee with you guys on the tube!

    Kurt Turner
    Kasson, MN
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    Congratulations James!

    Thanks for giving us a place to swap lies & sell our outdoor gear.

    Dylan Johnson
    Pequot Lakes Mn
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    Just want to say thanks James and all the boys at IDO! You’ve brought some great ice fishing content and knowledge of product! Can’t wait to see what the future brings for you all.

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    Looking forward to hearing back on your thoughts about the Warrior V238. Congrats.

    Grand rapids mn
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    Congratulations, and good luck!

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    James, you and I go way back. You were a guide on Pool 4 and the boy and I were around on the river most weekends. Time has marched on and the boy is now a man and you and I have aged a bit. I no longer hit the river much and South Dakota is now home but I try to check in on you Sunday mornings. I was watching this morning and your announcement was like a kick to the stomach. My first thought was wondering about your health and if everything was alright in your life. After reading your explanation I breathed a sigh of relief. Way to go!!!!! Congratulations and I hope this decision brings much happiness to you and your families lives. I also hope our paths cross again and you remember this old redneck.

    Hard Water Fan
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    Congratulations and I wish the best in your new ventures.

    I don’t know how many years ago I found In Depth Outdoors, but I looked forward to each new season and episode. The reasons are because it focused on ice fishing, was mostly in Minnesota or nearby so I could try out the spots and episodes were filmed the week they were shown. Those things are not found in any other fishing show. I am really going to miss the new episodes on Sunday mornings.

    Thanks for the adventure,

    Michael Saal
    Merrill, Wi
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    Congratulations James I learned a lot from the show and this site as others commented on tips also. Glad to see this page continue.

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    Well done! Congrats!

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    Will miss you the guys and the show.Thanks for all the knowledge you’ve passed on over the years. Best of luck to you

    Isle, MN
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    Congratulations James. Building one successful company is a major accomplishment, but two makes it a hobby ! Can’t wait to see what you do next ! Again, congrats and hug your wife everyday… they truly are our biggest supporters !

    Upper Midwest
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    Congrats James!

    You’ve impacted more strangers than you could ever imagine through your businesses, the site here, and your shows. Best of luck in your future endeavors.

    Everyone else, if this place is left up and running as is…let’s not let the forum die like basically every other one out there from the last couple decades. We can always recycle old topics if we lose track of things to argue about smash

    Bob Carlson
    Mille Lacs Lake (eastside), Mn.
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    Congrats James

    Tim Bossert
    Cochrane, WI
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    Your family extends farther than the IDO crew. We have all enjoyed growing up with you and the business. We anticipate the next chapter, and look forward to what you choose to share with your extended family.

    Best of luck on your next chapter, and thank you for the memories! An additional thanks for helping my wife puchase countless baits she said would catch fish because “James said so”!

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    Congratulations Mr.Holst.I hope your next 20yrs.are as good to you as the last 20.
    If you get the chance stop by here once in awhile and say hi.

    SW Metro
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    I’ll repeat what I told Ben. Helluva run for you guys! And excited to see where it goes from here even without the show. The American Dream is alive and well, congrats on earning it James and all the IDO team!

    Rosemount, MN
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    It’s been so cool watching the show grow over the years! While I’m sad to see that part end, watching the ride has always given me higher goals in my own life.

    Congrats! Those new businesses are lucky to have you!

    tip of the mitten
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    Congratulations and good luck on your new adventures in life. I greatly appreciate all the tips and pointers you have shared over the years. Cheers! toast

    Cloquet, MN
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    Definitely going to miss sitting down with a hot cup o’joe on Sunday mornings and hearing that IDO theme song fire up! Maybe now I’ll actually FISH on Sunday mornings instead of watching James and crew fish jester

    Thanks to the IDO crew for all the tips and tricks over the years. In all reality, ice fishing is such a niche market in the fishing community, that to have had such a well produced show focusing mainly on ice fishing for as long as we have, we’ve been incredibly fortunate. Like many folks here, there are LOTS (and I mean LOTS) of baits in my boxes that otherwise probably wouldn’t be there without IDO. I’d say I’m a more confident and….courageous? angler because of it.

    Cheers boys toast

    Will keep my eyes out for the IDO Salwater show here in a few years wink

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    Congrats and good luck

    Southeast MN
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    I found IDO because I wanted to see content in MN and the surrounding area. You guys do a great job of fishing some and then explaining what you’re doing.

    You’ve got the talent for the shows but I’m also truly blown away by your ability to manage so many facets of a successful business.

    Congrats and good luck!

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    James, let me start by saying Im happy for you, Its amazing what you have done since we met 10-11 years ago at Thorne for one of the get togethers, and you and Joel took the time to talk to myself and my wife. We have talked at many shows, and meet ups over the years, and you have always been more than generous to give me time, and have a chat.

    I hope your new adventures lend you the time to focus on the things you hold dear, Its well deserved, you have busted hump for all the years I have known you!

    Gitchi Gummi
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    Congrats James. I think its safe to say you taught me more than a thing or two over the years and I am grateful for that. Your show was and always will be the best one out there. Cheers!

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    Wow! What a rollercoaster James! Youve done well for yourself and good on you to think of your employees as well and not just yourself in making this decision. You are a good man!

    John Rasmussen
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    James congrats. While we never met, I did see you at the old TUCR building you were busy so I didn’t want to bother you. Since spending time here and watching your shows, I have come to know that you are a stand up guy, hard worker and we seem to have much in common. So glad to see your success over the years.

    Does this now mean your available for a guided trip?? If so let me know when and where and I will write the check and bring the beer!! woot

    Like Bucky said lets keep up the fun banter here fellas as long as they let us keep the lights on. waytogo

    South Metro
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    Well done sir on your accomplishments. Truly those that look out for others’ welfare are few and far between. Best of luck in your new endeavor – you will be a rock star! ( my superbowl commercial reference – couldn’t resist)
    You have done well Grasshopper…..

    1. Grasshopper.jpg

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    Whoa. What….no more episodes that both thrill me and yet show how bad of a fisherman I am? No more shots of PJ lipping a laker? Dang it!

    In all seriousness, congrats, James. Sounds like an amazing opportunity for you and the team. Looking forward to seeing where your journey takes you. Thanks for being such a great source of encouragement and advice for the IDO fisher people.

    Hudson, WI
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    I agree with what others have already said, sad to see the show go but I am sure it won’t be the last we see of you James. I would bet you will take a little break and then find something else to dive into. Congrats on the sale and good luck with the future.

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