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  • John Shear
    Chippewa Falls, WI
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    I haven’t been able to get on the water due to family priorities and bad weather, but I did get on Wissota today to see what I could learn. I marked lots of fish in 35 to 40 FOW at the bottom of dropoffs. They must be staged up waiting for water to warm but they weren’t very active. I did manage to catch a few crappie and a 40″ cat in 35 ft. Late afternoon I managed to find a few more crappie in 25 ft. Anything shallower than 25 ft was the dead sea.
    Water was 47 to 48 degrees so it’s quite cold yet.

    I caught the cat on 6 lb. fluorocarbon. It took a long time to get it up.

    John S.

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    I was farther north of you up in Polk county. I found water temps from 37 to 44 degrees. The only fish I saw came from the lake with 44 and there weren’t a lot of them. Maybe next week. Except I’ll be up north here for the opener and I’ll be in cold water once again.

    God, I’m sick of being cold.

    Chippewa Falls, WI
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    Not a bad weekend opener this year on a Wissota. We had a total of about 20 walleyes on the weekend with 4 over 18 and many slot fish. I could not pattern anything finding fish in 2-28fow and every depth in between. We had to work for every fish. 20 fish sounds nice but it took 15 hrs of fishing to make it happen. Our best bite came by dragging jigs with plastic and mid day trolling #7s over 30fow. I never thought I would find open water walleyes on the first week of May.

    as for the guy who posted before me – I am sorry it takes so long to get it up. Nice fish none
    the less!

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