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Wheel house fishing and the Dakota's

  • David Anderson
    Dayton, MN
    Posts: 379

    Getting prepared for the ice fishing season we have been discussing our options for this winter. Red Lake has been our destination the last few years as the fishing has been very good and the resorts are extremely wheel house friendly. Normally Red is good early however it will be interesting (maybe concerning) if the lake can maintain the fishery we have experienced in the last couple of years. With that in mind the discussion came up regarding Devil’s Lake or Waubay or Bitter. Are these lakes setup for wheel houses traffic via the resorts and does it even make sense. I know that on Devil’s lake they move around a lot.

    SE ND
    Posts: 190

    Woodland maintains a road on Devils Lake and you can get to good fishing areas from it. If you want to target walleyes in your house you will do well. If you want to chase perch you will need portables houses with.

    sw Mn.
    Posts: 418

    there’s not much plowing done on bitter or waubay that i’m aware of. some fisherman have plows on there truck and plow a path for there use but no main road system.

    Sioux City IA
    Posts: 3974

    really the only resort on Bitter is Bitter Lake Lodge, they will maintain the shoreline on out for a couple hundred yards, after that your on your own. The locals will plow out the landings a bit, the it’s the Oregon Trail after that. The Lodge does have some campsites where on could store their wheel house and use it as a camper over the summer. Waubay has no roads either.

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