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Water Temps / Current Conditions

  • Sam Smith
    Posts: 15

    Hey everyone, unfortunately work has heavily outweighed the fun part of my life in the last month or so and I plan on finally getting out this weekend and maybe even after work this week as well. Since the weather has been nothing but crazy for quite some time recently, I was just curious about what the lakes are looking like right now. Any rough numbers for water temps? Walleyes post spawn yet? Just looking for any information so I can actually prepare a little before I head out. I live in Sioux Falls and will probably be fishing within 50 miles or so of there, but any intel would help as I cant imagine the rest of the state is too far off.

    Northeast, SD
    Posts: 26

    As of yesterday in NESD, the water temps were mid 50s and I’m sure rising today. Walleyes started spawning almost two weeks ago on smaller bodies. The post spawn bite has just started to take off hard as we are seeing a lot more females come topside and the pike have really turned on. Seems like south of highway 212 is ahead of the NE a week or two from reports I’ve heard.

    Jeffrey Trapp
    Milbank, SD
    Posts: 249

    Found 57 by Watertown on Wednesday. It will be over 60 by the end of today I would guess.

    Sam Smith
    Posts: 15

    Perfect thanks guys. Heading out now. At some point I gotta find them myself huh?

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