Used Boat Tax Question

  • Justin Schneider (Woods & Water Insurance)
    Hugo, MN
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    Hi Everyone,

    I’m in the process of purchasing a cabin cruiser for Salmon Fishing and am wondering if any of you have experience in purchasing a boat not equipped with a trailer from a private party and registering it in MN? I know in MN on most private party sales you only pay tax on the trailer but am wondering if this may be different if the boat does not have a trailer?

    Thanks in advance!

    Pat K
    Empire, MN
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    The boat registration is through the DNR while the trailer is handled by the DMV. There is no sales tax on a private party sale of a used boat in MN, doesn’t matter if there is a trailer or not.

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    Yep no tax, just make sure to get a bill of sale and do not forget to call me when the salmon are biting. LOL

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