Trim Relay?

  • Tom Albrecht
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    2013 250 Evinrude Etec – the up-trim is starting to only work periodically. It will work fine and then I have no reaction when I try to trim up (from throttle, front of boat & right on the motor). The only pattern that I can think of is that it will quit working when the engine gets hot. I notice it when I get back to the launch and it won’t trim up for me. I let it sit for a few minutes and then it works just fine again. Down always works fine.

    Reading forums online it seems like it could be the Trim Relay has gone bad. Any input?

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    I don’t have an Evinrude etec but I have a Mercury Optimax and had the same symptoms. It was the relay switch.FWIW

    Hudson, WI
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    Swap the relays and see if it won’t go down next time. Or just order a Bosch relay off Amazon for like $20. Edit, they are $7 on amazon.

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    It’s the relay. Replace them both or carry a extra.

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    I had an e-tec that stuck down. The pump made noise but wouldn’t go up. It was glitchy a little before that where it would make noise and move a little then work fine. Once it was stuck down I had to address it. It had an air bubble in the system. If you don’t hear anything happening in the back when you hit the button, it is most likely the relay. If the pump sounds like it is trying to work check the fluid level and make sure there is no air if the fluid level is fine.

    Tom Albrecht
    Eau Claire
    Posts: 521

    Comments were spot on. Changed the relay and no issues. Thank you

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    Comments were spot on. Changed the relay and no issues. Thank you

    That will be a case of beer, Thank You

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