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Toyota Tundras and Ice fishing

  • jbg1219
    NW Iowa
    Posts: 550

    Wrong time of year, but I am sure there are several on here that drive a Tundra. I am looking at one and pretty sure I will buy it this week. My question is what is the biggest shack I can fit in the bed. It is a crew max and has a 5.5 foot bed with a topper. I bought a new resort XT last year and did not fish from it. Pulled it behind me on a trip and fished from a buddies shack. I did not like the cabin as it was too small for my and my son. is there something from another mfg that just fits in a crew max?

    Posts: 49

    I have a 2015 crewwmax tundra with a ARE CX topper. I can fit my otter x-over pro cabin in with the tail gate shut and topper back window down IF I prop up the front of the sled to rest on the bed/topper transition. This is a pain and could possibly damaged the front topper window if there was a sudden shift. I wish they made the crewmax with a 6″ longer bed.

    Central WI
    Posts: 451

    I have a 2020 Tundra with 5.5′ bed. I can fit a Clam Nanook with the tailgate and tonneau cover closed and have a few inches to spare in the back. I can also fit a couple buckets in front of the wheel well, a 19qt Engel bait cooler, and two gas augers along side it.

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