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TFF Report for 11/09/14

  • FlambeauVista
    Park Falls, WI
    Posts: 264

    This is my first report since the site did its change.

    Walleye action had been exceptional the past few weeks on jig and minnow in the old river channels, especially in the sharp bends, in 12-16 fow. A number of nice smallmouth bass jumbo perch have also been caught in these areas as well. Musky anglers have also been reporting success on jerk baits and suckers. There was a report of a 50+” musky taken recently, but details are sketchy.

    The forecast calls for heavy snow and then bitter cold this next week. Ice fishing should be here shortly provided we can get out on the ice. I will report ice conditions as they become available; however, caution is always advised when venturing out on the ice.

    Grouse numbers have been up with a lot of great shooting opportunities since the leaves are down.

    This is my first report since the site changed. A misunderstanding caused me not to report sooner.

    Stay warm and safe!

    Minocqua, WI
    Posts: 1457

    Welcome back Scott!!!


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