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Stump Lake in the fall

  • Billy Thorton
    Posts: 2

    Going out to Devils Lake area mid October. We decided we want to try Stump lake due to all the hunters on Devils. Can anyone help us with some areas we should try? I see lots of flooded trees. Anything particular you look for when fishing trees? Minnows or Crawlers in the fall out there? Anything will be helpful. You can PM me if you would like
    Thanks for the help. I will post when I get back!

    Karry Kyllo
    Posts: 815

    I fish DL in mid October every year and I guess I’ve never once thought that there were too many hunters. In fact I rarely see hunters on the parts of the lake that I fish that time of the year. There’s alot of water to fish.
    I’d go to DL instead of Stump if I was you.

    Billy Thorton
    Posts: 2

    We are staying 40 minutes from Devils. We thought about trying something new. We will try Devils Lake couple days but thought it would be cool to hit a lake that there won’t be many boats on. Any information on Stump would be greatly appreciated .

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