Big Creek slide – Saylorville Lake 5-15-11

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    Fished from about 10:00am to 3:30pm and caught 15 or so crappie, most were 10-13″ with a couple smaller. Also caught some drum, a nice eater catfish, and a perch. A ton of people on the bank fishing, the bite seemed to shut down when the sun came out, probably picked up when the sun started going down.

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    D, it is hard to beleive the weather can take such a turn after being couped up so long. I don’t go to the slide much anymore. I used to go there frequently. I thought it kind got kind of ruined in the last year’s flooding but hopefully all the rock improved things again. IS BC still as clear as it was a few weeks ago? It would be awesome if it stayed that way long enough for the gills to bed up. J

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