Recipe for smoked carp

  • Tyler Schaefer
    Southern Minnesota
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    Please post recpies for smoked carp and post pictures of possible. Thanks

    East Bethel, MN
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    Step 1: bury it in your garden.

    Step 2: there is no step 2

    Sorry, I am definetly not a fan of smoked carp.

    Brian Klawitter
    Minnesota/Wisconsin Mississippi River
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    I’ve tried it twice…actual three times.

    The first
    The second
    and the last.

    Once my uncle smoked one and the second on came from an IL fish market.

    But don’t let us nay sayers spoil your fun in smoking them. )

    Joel Ballweg
    Sauk City, Wisconsin
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    I just recently ate some smoked Buffalo that was quite good.
    Regular carp, not to sure about that.

    Gary Sanders
    Lake Wisconsin
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    I’ve had smoked carp a couple of times and it wasn’t bad at all. I like the carp jerky even better.

    Tom Sawvell
    Posts: 9559

    The best carp for smoking come from ice cold water, as in the early spring…..way less oily and the meat stays firmer.

    I always just scaled them, filleted them, scored the skin with shallow X cuts and then did a rub into both sides of each fillet with equal parts of Morton’s Tender Qwik and brown sugar. Lay the meat in a plastic tray in the fridge for a day, then rinse with cold water, dry with paper towel and put in the smoker [skin side down] until they are as done as you like.

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    I grew up cleaning carp for the Fulda Game Feed.

    Dad wouldn’t let me help sein, but help gut and observe the smoking process and as we were the lucky farm that got all the remaining guts/heads to dispose of. So that was a fun smell at times, but i think dad got many of yotes from the remains.

    Anyway, i was scared to try it for MANY years.

    Finally gave it a try, and that stuff is AWESOME!

    It’s a winter game feed, so carp harvested in cold water.
    Texture of turkey. Great taste.
    Have no idea what was the brine or if there even was any brining.

    LaCrosse WI
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    Brian…don’t you remember Fishing Machine’s dry brine recipe?? Thats was heaven!!

    Years back there were a least 10 places a guy could buy smoked carp,catfish,bullheads etc. before PDC………
    All good!!

    You need to expand your horizons )

    Tyler Schaefer
    Southern Minnesota
    Posts: 67

    Whats the recipe.?

    Tyler Schaefer
    Southern Minnesota
    Posts: 67

    How does smoked carp ribs taste?

    LaCrosse WI
    Posts: 2973

    How does smoked carp ribs taste?

    It all depends….I’ve had some really excellent carp and some not so good…I think paying attention to the small details makes or breaks it..remember…it’s an oily fish..
    The exact recipe is up to you,everyone has their own tastes,but to prepare the fish for smoking is simple..
    Fillet the carp with the ribs on…don’t skin…some like to scale them,some don’t…..
    Give it a shot…

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