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Receive e-mail notification when someone replies to my thread?

  • gbfan10
    Hastings, mn
    Posts: 351

    I may be blind, but I can’t locate this feature. On some forums you can subscribe to a thread, and then you get all the replies to email as well. On others it’s right in the thread options so receive email notifications. Do we have one here?

    Dave Lozier
    Scandinavia, WI
    Posts: 825

    The functionality is available here but as far as I can tell it’s not enabled for the forums. Before we do enable it we probably should have it first send an activation email so that only those with valid working email addresses can use it. When mail bounces our hosting provider blocks that address from getting any further emails. Sometimes mail has bounced and the address is a valid one so I really don’t know what would cause that – odd filters on the receiver’s end perhaps. The blocking is not forever so eventually another mailing attempt is made to the addresses that bounce.

    We have to be careful about the bounce rates to avoid looking like a spammer.

    One of the downsides of this is also that we can end up being labeled as spam by someone being lazy. As an example, a person registers so they can post something for sale in the classifieds forum. Their item sells and we don’t see or hear from them again. Replies are made to the classified post and notifications (which they chose to receive) are sent to them. Rather than come back and unsubscribe they label the email as spam. As this happens with more and more users we end up having everything labeled as spam – all thanks to laziness.

    Email can be such a pain. lol

    Hastings, mn
    Posts: 351

    Yep,I’ve dealt with that at work too. I setup an SMTP server for a Listserv. If too many people click “this is spam” with gmail or yahoo, we get temp blocked sending to that domain. Having the right SPF records sure helped.

    I really think it would benefit people here. There are lots of times I post on a thread and sometimes never get a chance to go back, or I find myself reloading the same thread to see if I have any responses.


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