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Pfluger Patriarch XT size 35

  • M Peterson
    Posts: 42

    I have 2 Pfluger Patriarch XT’s, size 35 I am selling
    They are less than 1 year old

    These sold for $250 plus tax each last year

    Both will come with Suffix Nanobraid on them if you want it which was $20 per reel as well

    One of the reels has a couple small scratches on the stem

    Selling for $175 each, or $325 for the pair

    If you buy both of them I also have a Pflueger Patriarch size 25 that is brand new. I will sell it for $135 if you buy the 2 XT’s
    $150 by itself.. These sell for $220 plus tax
    A buddy bought it thinking the Pflueger 25’s were the same size as the Shimano 2500’s, so it was too small for him and he sold it to me for $150

    I also have a ABU Garcia MGX I am selling.. see my other ad

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