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Panfish – Upper Miss. Sartell/ Rice/ Royalton

  • Brianc
    Rice, MN
    Posts: 16

    Does anybody fish the upper Mississippi by Sartell, Rice or Royalton? I would like to try my hand in the panfish arena, but am having an extremely hard time finding any numbers of sunfish or crappies! Can anyone point me in the right direction?
    I appreciate any help!!

    St. Cloud, MN
    Posts: 92

    Sent you a PM

    Joe Scegura
    Alexandria MN
    Posts: 2724

    I fish that area north of St. Cloud quite a bit. There are huge sunfish and crappie out there. I usually don’t target panfish out there, but when I run into em I’m happy to catch those 10″+ gills and 13″+ crappie.

    I’ve had my best luck on main current spots with structure. There’s a few rock piles with weeds growing behind them that hold fish and some brush piles that also kick out some nice fish.

    My bait of choice is a 1/32-1/16oz black or white Little Nipper with a crappie minnow or waxy. The mornings seem to be the best for me.

    Good luck

    Mantorville, Mn
    Posts: 831

    I’m from that area and I do get some panfish there, but the best I’ve found is on the Mississippi above the dam in Brainerd.

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