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Osakis Open water/ice report

  • TimJones
    Lake Osakis,MN
    Posts: 241

    Here are the conditions as of this afternoon. Draw a line from roughly Yates Point north east to Sunfish Resort, north of the outlet area. The area of the lake south of that line is still mainly ice. Not totally, there are some open areas, but I would say it is still about 75% ice covered. North of that line up to Buck Point and then east to Manthey’s Bay is open. Manthey’s Bay is still about 40% ice covered but all of that is on the south side of the bay. Little Osakis appeared to be totally open.

    Mike Bettenburg
    Posts: 8

    Thank you for the update! Going to be up there in two weeks.

    Posts: 8424

    With this wind I’m sure we are loosing a lot of ice today.

    Lake Osakis,MN
    Posts: 241

    Ice is gone.

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