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East and West Okoboji Memorial Day weekend

  • walleye_wisdom
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    Got up to Okoboji around 4:00pm Saturday and fished till about 11pm that night. Caught some good smallmouth casting shad raps in about 10ft of water on West Okoboji.

    Sunday with the fog/mist/rain I focused on West for walleye during the day. It paid off, ended up catching around 15 walleye between 13-18″. Headed over to East Okoboji and had about the same luck. Also managed to catch around 10 smaller pike and a couple 15″ FAT smallmouth. All were caught trolling #5 shad raps in about 10-15ft of water.

    Monday brought WIND and sun. Fished West Okoboji in the morning before the wind really picked up along with the pleasure boaters. Caught quite a few smallmouth, one around 16″ and more pike than I care to handle in a day.

    Moved over to East Okoboji after lunch and caught soem very good walleye including a nice healthy 25″ Walleye I tied into right in front of Parks Marinia with about 10 boats watching my fight this pig. Someone was able to snap a picture with their phone and send it to me.

    All in all, for a busy Memorial Day weekend, not a bad couple days of fishing.

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    way 2 Go

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    very nice!

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